Sunday, January 1, 2023

How to Rust Safety Pins, Bells and more

 I am sharing with you how I go about rusting my safety pins and bells. It's easy and takes just a couple days. 

Primitive rusting "recipe":

1 cup peroxide
1 cup vinegar 
2 tablespoons of salt
old jar, old plastic container

Pour the peroxide and vinegar into container add the salt and stir, it may not dissolve quick but that's okay. Go ahead and add your safety pins and make sure they're all covered and leave them be for a day or two. Yes, it's going to smell so if you can put it safely outdoors away from pets and small children or in a well-ventilated area is best. You can check them after a day and see how they look, the water will be rusty so if you have an old spoon or something you can stir them around to see how they look. They may need another day. After a couple days and they have that nice rusty look, I drain the rusty liquid out into the weeds and pour the pins or bells out onto a paper towel. 

Please note, that whatever you put the pins or bells on to dry, it will stain, so be careful. :)

Oh and girl, I am not responsible for any accidents or anything that may happen when you rustin' your own things. 

Have fun rustin' away!

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